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NFTNYC: Primate Pizza Party

Saga Monkes and Degenerate Ape Academy present the Primate Pizza Party, hosted at The Den by Raposa. Join us for a casual evening of good music, good pizza, and great vibes with a side of banana business, ft. premium coffee…

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Eth Denver

we welcome all Denver area Saga Monkes to come hang out for a casual meet up, this event is not gated to Monkes and we encourage all who are interested in Solana, Saga Monkes, or fellow Digital Collectible enthusiasts to…

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SM featured on

Solana Saga smartphone owners continue to pull in the perks, including immensely valuable airdrops that are worth more than the cost of the phone itself—that is, before the initial run of the Android phones sold out. And the latest is an NFT that’s now…

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