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Saga Monkes is an exclusive generative art collection airdropped to Saga Genesis Token holders.

The utility of Saga Monkes is art, free art. There is no Discord. Want one? Make it yourself πŸ™‚

5% of royalties are allocated to theΒ  Saga DAO multi sig treasury to help with community initiatives and benefits.

The proposed total supply of Saga Monkes is 20,000. To be achieved through a variety of waves ranging in different quantities, thematic traits, conditions and variables.

Less than 5% of each wave is reserved by the “Devs” for marketing, compensation, and partnerships including the Saga User community.

8888 Monkes were generated and minted on January 2nd 2024. ~8500 Monkes were airdropped for free to Saga Genesis Token holders, based on a snapshot at 11:33PM UTC on Jan. 2nd 2024.

Wave 01 features 42 traits and statistical rarity.

View Wave01 Snapshot